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02 Apr 2011
Parenthood, Pop On Pals & New Look
We are now pretty much up to date with all of Kailee's past and present media and hope you have enjoyed all the updates that have been coming in the past week. The fun sure doesn't stop there as we now have media, screencaps and behind the scene images for Kailee's work on Parenthood. Watch closely just over the shoulder of the one girl and you will see Kailee in a pink top playing on the swings, if you still missed her there are a few caps of her scene that have been added to the gallery, aswell what is cool is in the behind scene pictures Kailee is seen playing in the sand, but for the final shoot she ended up getting to play on a swing! Talk about a fun job.

We also now have a few behind the scene images from Kailee's Pop On Pals commercial! So be sure to check those out, nothing like getting to play with new toys on set, she had a blast!!. Also if you haven't checked out the commercial be sure to visit the media section, once you see it you may have realized you saw it on your tv screens as it was on tv for several weeks!

Lastly when you visit the gallery you will notice it got a makeover! It was time to freshen things up around there and what better way to do that then with a brand new layout!. My good friend Marie and myself tag teamed this layout to make it super awesome and I think it was a job well done! we hope you love it as much as we do!.

Posted by: Laura

31 Mar 2011
Modern Family, Film & State Farm
Another exciting update today!. Kailee was recently on an episode of Modern Family and while it was for Background work, it was still great getting to see her in scenes with some of the main top dogs of the cast!. Media can be found in the brand new section called Background Work, so if you happened to miss Kailee on the show wait no longer because her scenes can be found there to watch, aswell as a few screencaps have been added to the gallery. The fun keeps coming as we also have a few behind the scene pictures of Kailee having a blast on set with her friends and checking out a few of the lots aswell, so fun!.

A little bit more exciting news Kailee has shot and filmed for the new Justin Timberlake movie Now, we are keeping our fingers crossed that Kailee will make the final cut!. The film will be released in November and we are so beyond excited to have some of Kailee's coverage featured by Splash News. If you watch you will see that Justin Timberlake almost runs Kailee over while he is running down the street but she is pulled out of the way, make sure you watch the clip in the background section aswell if you happen to miss her, you can look for her in a few of the screencaps made from the video!. Way to go Kailee!!

Also back in 2009, Kailee shot a commercial for State Farm and while the footage has not been released we are super lucky that her mom shot some behind the scene footage of the commercial!. What a trooper Kailee was, it's a good thing she had to sleep for this role as she was so tired and fell asleep about 10 minutes into the shoot, so cute!. You can find the footage with the commercial section under Media!

Posted by: Laura

27 Mar 2011
Commercials, Tralala & Target
Big exciting news for today!! Kailee's media section is up and running!! Click on the Media tab in the layout and you will be able to view Kailee's commercials for both Pop On Pals and her Census commercial, she did a great job for both and looked so adorable!!. Screencaps can also be found in the gallery so be sure to check them out!.

We also have a few more fabulous new images from the Tralala shoot that Kailee did with her friends, how cute are the outfits!! I just love them. Great job to Kailee and all the kids involved in this shoot it really makes it feel like summer is just around the corner!!

Lastly Kailee had shot for Target and can be seen larger then life in stores! Seriously the poster is HUGE!!, not only do we have an image of the poster itself we also have a couple of images of Kailee in store with her poster! These pics really show how big the poster really is so be sure to check them out, amazing job Kailee!.

Finally as you may have noticed this isn't Lauren making the update. My name is Laura and am very familiar with running websites and am happy to be working on Kailee's site and am proud to be welcomed onto this site, thanks Bauer family. Lauren will still be working on the site aswell, I am just here to help out when I can. Enjoy the update!

Posted by: Laura

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