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19 May 2011
Target 2011
Summer is arriving quickly which means for parents school is out and there is lots of fun to be had. Whether your going to the beach, having a picnic, maybe your celebrating a friends birthday or even your own!. Well at Target that is exactly what Kailee did, it looked like she was celebrating a birthday party with her teddy bear and enjoying some delicious cake! In one photo Kailee is piratically diving into the cake, it looks like so much fun!!.

Once again we want to extend major thanks to the wonderfully talented Christa Renee aswell a thank you to her hard working staff and team, without them we wouldn't have this awesome shots to share with everyone. We hope you love them as much as we do!.

Posted by: Laura

19 May 2011
Gap Summer 2010
What a FABULOUS little update I have for everyone today. Back in 2010, Kailee shot the summer campaign for Gap and now thanks to the AMAZING Christa Renee we have never before seen images that are just to cute for words. It has really been fun getting to look back at some of the older work Kailee has done only to see how much she has grown in only a few short years. Be sure to check out these photos, they have such a warm feeling to them, and makes me wish I was a kid again, who else misses there tricycle! Thank you so much Christa for sending these to us

Posted by: Laura

09 May 2011
Super Secret Commercial! & Carters!!
What an amazing amazing AMAZING! update I have for everyone today. Break out your dancing shoes and party hats because Kailee has booked a National Commercial. It is super secret and we can't give out any details till it starts airing, here is an insider tidbit on just to prove how serious we are on how secretive everyone was, everyone involved that had cell phones, they had to put tape on the camera lens just so know one could take any pictures. I don't know about you but knowing that just makes me personally even more excited for the commercial to start airing. We also know that commercials can be interesting projects, just because you shoot alot, doesn't mean your always seen alot, so we won't know just how much Kailee is in this commercial till it is released, so lets cross our fingers extra hard that Kailee doesn't get cut. Keep your eyes peeled to your tv screens in hopes that you catch Kailee girl on your screen!! Way to go Kailee! Major congrats are in order.

What's an update without some pictures. Lets travel through time back to yesteryear, way back to 2008 to be exact, when Kailee was just a tiny tot on set of Carters for there Easter print campaign. Sadly Kailee's images weren't released however we have two extremely adorable pictures of her on set!.

Posted by: Laura

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