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01 Oct 2011
Entertaining Elephants & One Year
We hope everyone is enjoying the transition into the fall weather as everyone is well into there first few weeks of being back to school, we get to bring you a fun little update! A little while back Kailee shot for Entertaining Elephants and thanks to the fabulous photographer Cathryn Farnsworth we are happy to bring you some of the photos from this print job. The clothes are so worth checking out! every outfit Kailee is wearing looks so comfortable! I only wish they made them for adults!. If you have active kids who like to move check out the line, as you can see Kailee moves around with ease in these comfy outfits. I especially love the yoga type outfit she is wearing, looks like a great outfit ti lounge around the house in as well as go out and do casual things. It looks like you had a great time with this shoot Kailee!! Once again thanks to Cathryn for sharing these with us!!!.

We are also a few days late on this, okay almost a month late, oops!. We want to take a minute to wish Kailee's site a happy ONE YEAR ONLINE!!!. The site opened for the very first time back on Sept 6th, 2010 and I am happy to be a part of this site and continue to watch not only the site grow but Kailee grow both as a person and in her career. Here is to another great year!

Posted by: Laura

18 Aug 2011
Striderite and Tiny Turnip
The time has come where we pack away all our pool toys, pull out out fall clothes from the closest, pack away our summer clothes, go shopping for new backpacks, clothing and even shoes!. If your looking for some comfortable back to school shoes head on over to Striderite you will find so many cute shoes for your back to school child and they can be styling from head to toe. While your visiting the stores in your area you may see a familiar face, Kailee of course!!. Kailee can be seen not only featured on the website, but in stores aswell!!. We have a few images that feaature Kailee and her friends in a couple different shots and she looks so cute. Way to go Kailee!

Also Tiny Turnip isn't quite ready to say goodbye to summer and this new picture of Kailee and her friends has turned up in It's A Kid's World magazine. A huge congrats to Kailee and her friends as well as the company for being featured in the full page ad in the issue.

Posted by: Laura

14 Jul 2011
Layouts, Apple & Little Society
If you visited the site over the last few days, you will have saw that things were under construction. We are sorry for the down time but as you can see from the looks of things around here it was so totally worth it!!!!!! We have a brand new layout that words can't even begin to describe how much I love it!!, my good friend Marie continues to wow and amaze me as I hope she does for you aswell. Its so bright and vibrant and really just pops everything. Thanks Marie!!!.

A few of the pages have also been updated so don't forget to check those out. The biography has got a slight makeover aswell you can read some of her new favorite activities such as swimming and Kailee has also jumped on the Angry birds sensation as that is one of her favorite games to play on the IPhone and ITouch.

Speaking of the IPhone, we are happy to announce that the super secret commercial Kailee shot was for Apple Iphone 4!! (See what I did there with talking about her love for playing Angry Birds on the Iphone and she got to appear in a commercial for it!!) Now we are sad to say that if you blink you could miss her, but that doesn't stop us from being so proud of Kailee, don't you all agree that she is the cutest purple blur ever!! yup we think so to!.

We also have a bit of booking news to share. Kailee will be seen in the upcoming line for Striderite!. Also on the subject of Print Work, we have a few more STUNNING images for Little Society by the fabulous Gretchen Easton. Some of our favorite pictures have been shared with us and naturally we just had to share them with you! Some beautiful solo images of Kailee with her hair done fabulously and a cute outfit to boot. Thank you Gretchen and Little Society!!

Well, I think that just about covers everything, so we hope that you enjoy the site as much as we do, and love all the new updates that we continue to bring you. Thanks for visiting, please feel free to share your excitement with us in the guestbook.

Posted by: Laura

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