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08 May 2012
Gap UK & JC Penney
Hope everyone is waking up to a beautiful Tuesday morning! It is a beautiful morning here at Kailee's website as I have two of the print jobs Kailee did not that long ago. First we have a stunning image that has appeared on the website for Gap UK she looks so grown up and I am convinced that Kailee can wear any color and make it look good! So happy to have the Gap image and we hope to see more.

Next it's beginning to feel like summer which means the summer shoots are beginning to surface and JC Penney didn't waste any time to bring out some pictures from the summer campaign. Kailee shot several images this day so we hope to see more as the catalogs surface throughout the summer.

Posted by: Laura

20 Apr 2012
Ursula, Updated Photos & ICarly
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend! Before everyone runs off to enjoy some hopefully lovely weather, I have a nice little update for everyone. Recently Kailee shot with the talented Ursula Bensimon and I am happy to share a couple of the images from that day that featured Kailee. The shoot has a real antique style of look and seriously how cute does Kailee look in the dress and all her little curls! Thanks for a wonderful day Ursula and for sharing the pictures.

You also may have noticed the new layouts with the new images, well now you can see the beautiful images not only in the layouts, but in the gallery aswell. Several images over the course of the year so far have been added into the gallery. I hope to bring more as the year continues to share with everyone how much Kailee continues to grow right before our eyes. The pink top images are personally some of my favorites!

Lastly a bit of booking news. One of Kailee's favorite shows is ICarly and I am happy to tell you that Kailee will be featured in one of the upcoming episodes this season. From the sounds of it, the episode Kailee should appear it will be Season 6, Episode 6. While this may have been background work to a kid Kailee's age big role or small role, this was a job of a lifetime for Kailee getting to meet the cast of ICarly and we thank EVERYONE from the show for making her time on set special.

Posted by: Laura

27 Mar 2012
New Layouts, Headshots and Bookings
I hope everyone is having a wonderful year so far. As you can see by visiting the site there have been some new changes made. First off we have a brand new main layout which was made by our awesome friend Marie. It was hard for us to say goodbye to the previous layout because of how much we loved the images and the colors which worked so well together. There is no question though that this new layout brings in Spring with the bright colors and you can also see how much Kailee has grown since our last layout. Thanks Marie!.

We also have some semi new photos that were taken back in September by the very talented Alex Kruk. They are beautiful and the colors really pop. We hope you love them as much as we do.

I am very excited to bring you the first Booking of 2012 and not only do I have one to share, we have two!. Kailee recently shot for JC Penny and that should be released sometime this summer. More news for this coming summer is that there will be a brand new Gap compaign and Kailee just finished shooting it. I look forward to seeing the images so check back to see them aswell!

Posted by: Laura

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