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23 Jun 2011
Work Of Heart Photography
Talk about an amazing day to visit Kailee's website because we bring you not one but two updates, and this may be one of my favorite updates ever!!!!. Kailee had the pleasure of working with Skye Hardwick at Work Of Heart Photography and boy did Skye deliver! We have three brand new images of Kailee on what may be the most inspirational and meaningful shoot I have saw.

I might be reading to much into it, or maybe I am spot on but these pictures just make me want to scoop Kailee up and hug her. It reminds me of the children in the world who have to fend for themselves and do what they can to survive. They also make me think of all the times when I went camping as a kid either at a camping ground or even chilling out in the backyard and roasting smores over the fire. These pictures just really make me think and I love that Kailee got to be apart of this.

A little insider tip at how much these kids love doing what they do. It was a very hot day that day and you can notice Kailee in a warm jacket, don't worry she wasn't in the jacket long and was kept cool, that really shows how amazing Skye is because there only is a short time frame because you don't want the kids getting to hot and you never know how unpredictable kids can be. Kailee and Skye you rocked this amazing photoshoot and we are so grateful to Skye for letting us share her wonderful and outstanding work with all of Kailees family and friends!. Way to go guys!!

Posted by: Laura

23 Jun 2011
Tiny Turnip
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Maybe your finishing up the last few days of school and counting down the seconds till that school bell rings for the last time and school will be officially out for the summer or maybe your summer has already started and your planning family vacations, picnics in the park or maybe even going down to the beach!. That is exactly what Kailee and her friends did last year for the clothing company Tiny Turnip.

We are pleased to bring you several of the shots from the line aswell as a few images that took place behind the scene. As you can see in the shots it was a gorgeous day even if it was a little windy and cool at times, that didn't stop the kids from having a blast!. The shooting locations are simply stunning and the clothing is super cute! In a couple particular photos you can see the kids all together saying "tubulars" which has been spelled out on the kids shirts, our little Kailee girl is the L. What a fun day! and we want to thank the tubular photographer Tracie Spence for all her hard work!.

Posted by: Laura

19 May 2011
Target 2011
Summer is arriving quickly which means for parents school is out and there is lots of fun to be had. Whether your going to the beach, having a picnic, maybe your celebrating a friends birthday or even your own!. Well at Target that is exactly what Kailee did, it looked like she was celebrating a birthday party with her teddy bear and enjoying some delicious cake! In one photo Kailee is piratically diving into the cake, it looks like so much fun!!.

Once again we want to extend major thanks to the wonderfully talented Christa Renee aswell a thank you to her hard working staff and team, without them we wouldn't have this awesome shots to share with everyone. We hope you love them as much as we do!.

Posted by: Laura

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