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04 Dec 2012
Blake Shelton Not So Family Christmas Special
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...well not if your Blake Shelton and you are broadcasting your not so family Christmas Special that is. Kailee was featured in possibly the most hilarious version of Twas The Night Before Christmas that I have ever heard. Kailee made some awesome reactions to the story being told so be sure to watch for them! For those of you who didn't happen to catch it on tv, don't worry because it can be found in the Media Section under the brand new heading called Televison.

Posted by: Laura

21 Nov 2012
Kailee's apperance in Meridian has arrived, we have both parts of the film and Kailee looked so cute in her astro projection scene, she was looking pretty stylish might I add, loved her outfit. You can see her scene right at the end of Part 1. In the second part, we get a photo viewing of Kailee. So great that Kailee was able to take part in this project and we hope that you take the time to view the project. While we don't have a copy for the site, please take the time to Watch Meridian here.

Posted by: Laura

31 Oct 2012
iCarly, CSI:NY & The Mindy Project
I have a major update for everyone today. First I want to start off by wishing everyone a safe and Happy Halloween. Have lots of fun and hope you all get lots of candy, if you aren't trick or treating then hopefully a lot of creatures and princesses visit your house tonight and that you have your goodies ready!

It was a busy week for Kailee being seen on your tv screens. It started off with seeing Kailee's episode of iCarly that she had filmed like six months ago. She got to be seen in the elevator when Miranda (aka Carly) opened the doors and they scared her since she wasn't expecting anyone to be there. I want to give a major thank you to the Miranda fansite Marvelous Miranda we had a clip, but they had higher quality screencaps, so if you are a fan of Miranda please visit their fansite for her! I have also added some behind the scene images of Kailee hanging on the set of iCarly, she was in total heaven that day!

Next was Kailee's appearance on CSI:NY. Lucy wonders off in a huge crowd and her mom doesn't know where to find her, she sees Danny and doesn't see Lucy with him so she starts looking through the crowd for Lucy's pink shoes, she spots them only to find its not Lucy but Kailee standing in the crowd. She does find Lucy shortly after though she had wondered off after a penny.

Last night Kailee's episode of The Mindy Project aired. Talk about a way to celebrate the Halloween spirit as she walks across the street dressed as a little witch with her dad and her brother who was dressed as a pirate. There are also some behind the scene pictures that have been added to the gallery from this day as well.

What is really amazing about all these roles was that they were background jobs and you can make out Kailee clear as day! We are so thankful for all the amazing opportunities Kailee has had and are happy with the outcome. We hope you enjoy them all as much as we did! To watch the scenes from all three jobs please visit the Media Section, it will be located in Background work.

I have ONE more thing to add to this amazing update and that is Kailee has booked another job!! This time Kailee will appear in The Blake Shelton Not So Family Christmas Special as a Kindergarten Girl. Way to go Kailee, we can't wait to see you!!!

Posted by: Laura

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