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31 Oct 2013
Shake It Up 3x25
Happy Halloween!!! We have the perfect update for everyone to put you in the mood tonight as you dress up in your favorite costume and head out to trick or treat! Kailee got to do the same thing as she made an appearance a little while ago on Shake It Up as a little pirate trick or treating. Don't worry if you missed it because Screencaps can be found in the gallery along with a Promotional Image, and you can view the clip in the Media Section

Kailee had a lot of fun and while on set she got to see several of the cast members from the show including Bella Thorne. Pictures from her time on set can also be found in the Gallery so be sure to check them out. Also please remember to stay safe while out trick of treating, don't forget your flashlights and stay close to friends and family! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Posted by: Laura

17 Jun 2013
Taylor Swift & Coppertone
Not long ago Taylor Swift released her brand new music video called Everything Has Changed. Well if you have seen the new video you might have noticed a familiar face in some of the scenes. That is right, Kailee made a few appearances throughout the video!!!! We see a really great close up of her in the classroom as she decorates a cookie, then she pops up at the school play, on the playground and out on the soccer field. If you haven't seen it, don't worry because if you visit the Media Section you will be able to watch it and then you can visit the Gallery to view some caps!!

Kailee can also be found in a spot that is airing right now for Coppertone: The Great American Sunscreen Wet 'N Clear. If you blink you will miss her so watch for her in the center of the screen with an ice pop. The video has been added into the Media Section.

Posted by: Laura

16 May 2013
Who's Little Fashion Show
Last year Kailee had the opportunity to work with the clothing line Who's Little. This wasn't just any print job though. Kailee and her friends got to walk the Runway, showing off some new lines and fun outfits. Before the show started Kailee and her friends all did some practice runs, and thanks to Kaegan's mom we have a really gorgeous solo shot of Kailee out on the runway. To see this photo and more before, during and after the show head on over to the gallery!!!

Not only do we have photos to share of this great event, but we have a video of Kailee walking the runway and all the parents cheering her name. It was such a great moment. Kailee did an outstanding job and showed us just how fierce she could be as she walked to the end of the catwalk she threw a little attitude into the mix with her jump pose at the end. To see this video head on over to the Media Section and click on the Print Category.

Posted by: Laura

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