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06 Jun 2016
American Girl/Williams-Sonoma Cookbook
If you're going to Barnes and Nobles or any other local bookstore in the near future make sure to find the kids cookbooks because you will find Kailee! She can be seen in the new publication from American Girl and Williams-Sonoma entitled "American Girl Cooking: Recipes for Delicious Snacks, Meals & More" and it is pretty exciting! Kailee's images can be seen on various pages as she makes pizza with her friends and they have a backyard party complete with delicious food right out of the cookbook's recipes. One of her shots is even on the back cover, so cool!

Kailee had such a fun time shooting for American Girl and Williams-Sonoma, and the day was only made better by spending it with friends! Getting to demonstrate the cooking process for the camera and working with the other girls was great, and of course they were getting pretty hungry, thank goodness for craft services. Between takes there was time for lots of group shots, and she and her friend Sadie managed to find a nice comfy spot by the pool. Behind the scenes photos can also be found in the gallery, and thank-you to everyone on set for a fantastic day!

Posted by: Lisa

31 May 2016
Did you know that Buzzfeed produces their own videos for their YouTube and other social media platforms? Kailee does and that's because she is in them! This year she has been seen in three different videos for the company and they have just been added to the media section. In her first one she got to cut the hair of her adult model, and that was followed by getting to try Yoga. Recently, Kailee was seen in a video called Kids Roulette, and what was so awesome about this one was that it was live! Kailee tried different foods on the spot live in front of an online audience, and gave some commentary from the sidelines when it was her friends turns to try the food choices. It has been so much fun working for Buzzfeed and make sure to keep an eye out for Kailee in future kids videos, you never know when you will spot her!

You may notice a different name attached to the bottom of this post, and I am happy to say that I will be updating Kailee's website from here on out. I would like to thank Laura for all of the work she has done over the last couple of years, and make sure to keep checking back as there are some very fun updates still to come!

Posted by: Lisa

24 Feb 2016
Chevron, Barbie, Pippa&Julie & Little Skye
We hope that the new year has been treating you all very kindly so far. We are excited to share some projects that Kailee has been busy working on. First we haven't found any photos from a print ad Kailee did back in 2014 for Chevron however her mom took this pretty awesome image of what we would have hoped to see running in ads. Who knows we may still see it! For now we are thrilled to share this image.

Kailee also worked on a print commercial for Barbie what little girl wouldn't want to shoot for Barbie! The print commercial was released just before the holidays. The video has been added into the Media Section in the print category.

We also have two brand new print campaigns that Kailee has been working on this year that have started to surface. One is for Little Skye Clothing Boutique. Kailee shot for this company a couple times, and images from both sets have been added into the gallery. Lastly Kailee worked for Pippa&Julie and while we don't have images yet, their IG account shared this amazing photo from her shoot and we can't wait to see the rest!!

Posted by: Laura

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