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13 Jan 2017
Why Is Santa Asian?
Back in 2014 Kailee worked on a music video with the fantastic production team WongFu Productions. A week before the holidays they had her come in to work on a video they had come up with called Why is Santa Asian? and it was released online a few days before Christmas. Kailee played the role of Lilly, a girl who wakes up and comes to the living room to find Santa at the Christmas Tree...except...he's Asian! The Santa Claus in her home was young, skinny, lactose intolerant, and he takes the time to try and prove to Kailee why Santa is indeed Asian. It is a very funny video so make sure to view it in our media section!

In addition to the Why is Santa Asian? video WongFu Productions released a behind the scenes video. It shows the cast and crew as they work on the project and you can tell they were certainly having fun throughout the shoot. Kailee gets shown throughout not only as she films her part, but gets to talk to the camera as they bring up the music video she had filmed with them previously, does some rehearsals, and gets praised for a job well done at the end of the shoot.

Kailee had such a fantastic time working with WongFu Productions again. The team is so much fun throughout the day, and Kailee loved everyone she worked with...especially Randall Park! If the name sounds familiar it is because he currently stars in the ABC comedy Fresh Off the Boat, and working with him was a great way to end off the year. Kailee learned a lot in her time working with Randall, and behind the scenes images have been added to the gallery. Thank-you to everyone involved for a wonderful time on set, Kailee loved seeing the final cut!

Posted by: Lisa

02 Jan 2017
Happy Birthday!
It has been a very exciting two weeks for Kailee from Christmas to welcoming in 2017, and now the fun continues today as she turns another year older and gets ready to see all that being eleven years old has to bring. Happy Birthday Kailee! I hope you have an amazing time today celebrating your special day with your family and friends. Being eleven has many new memories and opportunities in store, and it all begins today. Enjoy your big day, Happy Birthday!

Posted by: Lisa

25 Dec 2005
Happy Holidays!
Kailee loves the holiday season! It is an exciting time of year full of music, tradition, treats, and more. She has been enjoying all this year has had to offer, spending time with her family, activities at school, and would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays! May the season bring you lots of joy and happiness and all the best to everyone in 2017, Kailee cannot wait to see what the new year will bring!

Posted by: Lisa

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